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Hounded: Prologue

She stood for a moment. She was not sure she heard well. No, something else was happening. Her head was buzzing with confusion. She tried to hold it with her hands and approached the half-open door a little further. She had to be very careful because the slightest noise would betray her. The unknown man continued talking.
“By tomorrow, the job will be done.”
“Nice Julio, I will not need you anymore. Oh, and be careful not to be noticed at home. “
Amelia, frightened, ran on her toes away from the room. Under no circumstances should Rafael understand that she had overheard him because she might be in danger. She had heard enough to understand what her husband was doing. What did this “Finish him off by yourself this time” mean? Did he ask him to kill a man? “Roberto must get out of the way as soon as possible …”, some of their words swirled in her mind.
These things only happened in the movies. She could not believe that her husband was involved in this kind of dirty work. How could he so coldly order people to be killed? What kind of bastard had she been married to for so many months? She felt like she was living in a parallel universe. Both her heart and mind froze. She knew her husband’s business was not the most legal, but she never expected to get to that point. She reminded herself that she had to put aside what she had heard and come to her senses because now the burning issue was to decide what would be her next move to protect herself and her unborn baby.
How was it possible to concentrate on the present after hearing what she had heard? Her thoughts galloped furiously into events that completed the puzzle. That’s why Rafael has been coming home more and more frowning lately, Amelia thought. He was shady. Unless this has always been the case and her stupid mind had created the image of a decent businessman and nightclub owner. But how could she believe that Rafael and his henchmen were always carrying weapons just to protect themselves? “This world is tough, sweetheart,” he used to tell her every time she asked him about the guns. As much as she tried to justify to herself that only six months had passed since they first met, she still felt foolish.
She still could not forget the day they first met, nor could she ever, though now she wondered if never meeting him would have been for the best.

To be continued!

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