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Hounded: Flashback

She had just finished her studies in psychology and she and her friend had decided to spend a frantic summer in Barcelona. Everything seemed perfect. One night her best friend Sofia arranged through a rich Spanish friend of hers, that she had met back in London, to have fun in one of the best clubs in the city, the entrance of which was somewhat expensive. Therefore, their clothing had to be appropriate for the occasion. That’s why the girls made sure to do their best.
At their entrance, they were greeted by about a dozen bouncers. With great difficulty, they managed to get inside. What they saw, however, exceeded their imagination. The place looked like a huge stadium, where there was nonstop revelry.
The decoration was quite neat. There were crimson, comfortable sofas everywhere, while the tables had leather upholstery. The pleasant atmosphere, the luxurious space, and the upbeat music created the ideal mood for having fun.
On the upper floor which evenly circled the space around them, were people who exuded money and opulence. While in the huge space just below there were people that she had the feeling she could more easily fit in with. This made her unhappy. As in the rest of the world, in this club, people were divided into two categories, or rather into two floors “upstairs”, the rich one and “downstairs”, the rest. Not even fun was able to bring people together, Amelia thought sadly.
Oh, but she would not let such thoughts spoil her night. The table that Sofias’ friend had arranged for them was upstairs, next to a group of people who had already managed to go blind drunk. The girls of this group looked like models, very tall with attractive features and quite elegant dresses. In short not very similar to her, who was barely 5’7, even in heels, while her clothes weren’t that elegant at all. She was wearing a simple short, blue dress, while her beautiful dark brown hair was free like a long mane, waving on her back. Her make-up was in soft tones, while the only feature on her that could attract someones’ attention, and from what she noticed she was not wrong, was her rich curves, a present from her Greek mom.
The warm lighting, the beautiful environment, the cheerful people, the frantic music, and of course, the alcohol soon managed to immerse her senses in pleasure. For the first time, she felt so liberated. She rocked to the rhythm of the music, got drunk, and flirted. After all, they went there to have a good time without second thoughts, right?
Sophia’s friend, Mateo, was added to their group a little later. Mateo was interested in her friend, who was indeed a dazzling girl of medium height like her, with auburn hair and blue eyes. Especially with that backless white dress, she looked incredibly exotic and fragile.

Mateo, as Amelia found out a little later, also knew the Spanish owner of the Paraiso club chain.
Amelia, drawn into dancing and drunkenness had not noticed the appearance of a tall man with dark thick hair and dark eyes. The man after greeting his friend cordially introduced himself as Rafael Jose Santos, and continued the conversation with Mateo, without taking a second look at them. They did not look like the models, he was probably used to, Amelia thought humorously.
Naturally, his beautiful appearance and the power he exuded did not go unnoticed by the female sex, thought Amelia with a dose of annoyance. But he, suddenly, instead of leaving their boring company, fixed his expressive eyes on her and voluptuously captured hers. Then he must have asked something about her because they both turned their gaze sharply towards her. She did not understand why she felt so exposed but immediately turned her flushed face away and tried to play it cool.
When she turned to look at him again, she noticed that he was smiling and looking at her with interest. She tried to persuade herself to smile at him too, but what formed on her lips looked more like a cowardly grin than a smile.
The sudden appearance of a dazzling girl from the next table brought her abruptly back to reality, especially when she saw him welcoming her with great intimacy and immediately after following her to her table, where the rest of the guests welcomed him with respect.
Amelia thought that this group of rich kids and models might suit him better.
For the rest of the night, she often looked for him in the crowd, but as soon as she saw him talking intimately with some ethereal being, she immediately regretted it.
“Hola, Amelia.”
She heard a deep voice address her.
“Let me guess. A little birdie told you my name?” When she realized who was standing next to her, she was so confused that instead of looking funny as expected, she looked childish.
A seductive wide smile came in response.
What was he trying to do, to seduce her? Because if that was indeed his plan, then he was on the right track. He did not look like a man who did not know his influence on a woman, quite the opposite.
Amelia, however, initially felt the need to resist him, as if this man was carrying a strange mystery on him, which frightened and excited her at the same time. So instead of reciprocating the smile, she continued to drink.
It was then that she felt the warmth of his hand in her waist. Immediately her body became immobilized, feeling a shiver run through her. Her figure resembled an agitated cat, ready for attack. Rafael was so close to her that she was afraid to turn her face not to kiss him, so she waited almost impatiently for his next move. The words he whispered in her ear with his incredibly sensual voice upset every inch of her body. “I thought you were looking for me, hermosa.”
Amelia was confused. She did not know if it was the alcohol or the temptation next to her, but she suddenly felt the need to do something daring. She turned sharply in his arms and gently touched her lips with his. The flame inside her ignited asking for more. When she opened her eyes she found Raphael looking at her with a raised eyebrow, obviously impressed with her courage, or rather her audacity.
“Sorry, I did not want to make you feel uncomfortable,” she stammered in embarrassment when he did not react and tried to free herself from his arms, which embarrassed her even more.
His fingers gently touched her chin and directed her gaze so that she was looking straight into his.
“I would like to believe that you didn’t regret it. The night has just begun and, it seems full of surprises. Just put a little more passion next time. “
“There will not be another time.”
“Well, if that’s what you want to believe.” Ηis eyes, however, said the opposite, full of promises and secrets. When his lips touched hers again, everything around her disappeared. Where did the music go, the other guests and the tables around them? Only the two of them were left, without second thoughts and scruples. They danced in the dance of passion with their senses as the only guide.
Before the kiss could deepen, Rafael took a step back. Having lost the ability to think, she was left to look at him in astonishment. “This is not the right place. I won’t start canoodling with you in the club like we are teenagers. My house is not far away. Don’t be afraid I won’t force you to do something you don’t want “, he added when he noticed the hesitation in her eyes.
There were no more words. They both knew full well that the flame that existed between them from the very first moment they looked into each other’s eyes had to quench their thirst. A “follow me” was enough to drag them into a torrent of senses without turning back.

To be continued!

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