The driver who made me despise Uber

If something strange, cool or unpleasant has ever happened to you, in a few words anything remarkable, and you have no one to share it with, then you will love this blog. The story I will share with you today belongs to Leana, who would like to remain anonymous, and is unfortunately true. It took place five years ago, when the heroine called an Uber, as usual, to go to work. Everything seemed to be a typical day, with the only difference being that she had a very important corporate meeting at work that day. So Leana was comfortable in the back seat, thinking that she would have some minutes of quiet and reflection before the scheduled meeting. To not forget to mention, the girl, for obvious reasons, was dressed a little more formally that day.

The driver, a man in his thirties, initiated a conversation talking about everything and nothing, and the girl, not wanting to look rude, pleasantly answered him. In a short time, however, the questions from “How do you feel about this weather?” and “What do you do professionally?”, took a different, somewhat more romantic twist, which put her in a very awkward position, since she was engaged.

Especially that day she was not in the mood to be hit on, since she was stressing about the meeting. So she decided to change the subject of the discussion and started to mention her fiancé allegedly by chance. This is usually enough to get the message across. But he, fearless, simply changed his tactics and began to tell her about the difficulties faced by black people in America, where the heroine lives, and that, as people of the same race, they should both stick together. When, in fact, he continued his delirium about how evil white people are, she felt even more uncomfortable.

If possible, It was as if he wanted to emotionally pressure her on going out with him. Leana mentioned that it was one of the strangest things she had ever experienced. She soon became angry with what he was saying and fearlessly let him know that he was doing the same thing for which he was blaming others. He was judging people based on their color, and that many of what he had said were not true and were just offensive. She refuted his inconsistencies as best she could and did not fail to mention that she knew many of them weren’t true because of her European partner.

His manner suddenly, from pleasant and romantic, became very aggressive. The girl immediately realized that she probably should have kept her mouth shut, because only his furious look from the windshield mirror was enough to make her shudder. At first, he did not say anything, but a little later, he asked her in a low, terribly calm way, “So you are betraying your race?” The girl realized immediately that she was probably in danger and that she had to find a way to get out of the vehicle at all costs. While he was driving, she started a lighter conversation with him to lighten the mood a bit, and at the same time secretly unlocked the door in the back seat.

When they got close to her work, she noticed that the driver was heading in a different direction. She continued to pretend that she did not realize it and as soon as she found the opportunity, she opened the door and jumped out of the car in horror. Fortunately, she did not have any injuries and immediately ran in the direction of her work. Out of fear she failed to look back and still does not know what the driver did. Probably continued his course.

Leana reported this incident to Uber. The situation could have taken another turn if this girl did not have such quick reflexes. Despite the happy ending, Leana is still afraid to use Uber alone.

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