The woman I never met

According to our current hero, there is a girl who lives in two places at the same time, in her house and in his heart. He met this girl by chance one day, and it was going to haunt him for a long time. It was a cold day in March when the windows of the school bus were frozen. The blurred glass, however, did not prevent his gaze from locating a beautiful human being outside of a school he had never noticed before. Any description, the young man thought, would turn pale from her beauty. The girl must have had the most beautiful eyes in the world. But what struck him the most was her smile, which seemed so innocent and childlike. He may have failed the chemistry test that day, but instead, he felt he had won something else.

The next time he encountered her was a few months later, which seemed like centuries to him. During all those months, he frequently visited the area, hoping to meet her again, which ended up being pointless. Other times he thought she was not real, but just a product of his imagination. So you can imagine his joy that day. The traffic on the streets was unbearable once again. While the school bus had stopped in traffic, a taxi appeared next to it. He suddenly noticed her in the back seat of the car, beside a lady, who was probably her mother. The most beautiful melodies sounded in his ears. In a hurry, he opened the window to shout towards her. He had no idea what he wanted to say to her, but just one look would be enough. It was then that he woke up from the most beautiful dream because of the honking around him. When he was ready to hang himself outside the window, the bus started moving. Fate once again had other plans. His friends were bemused by his swearing and started making fun of him. One of his friends told him he knew the girl, as he followed her on Instagram.

13 June 2020 was the first notification he received on his phone when she had uploaded a photo. His finger moved at the speed of light to open it. In the photo, he saw two moons, one that we already know and a different one, more beautiful and angelic. His heart melted at the sight of her. She was probably not a fan of social media because it took her months to upload a photo. He may have never met her in person and he was a mere stranger to her, but she was worth the wait.

The following months passed without a trace of her, until that cold night of December when his heart froze. In the morning of the same day, they had an event at school and the hero was once again lost in his thoughts. He dreamed that this time he was able to catch her taxi and got off the bus to express his love. Then she hugged him tightly and everyone got out of their cars to applaud them. But in reality, he was hugging his friend, who three seconds later whispered in his ear “I love you too baby” and laughed. The recollection of his thoughts helped him overcome his shame.

That night, the hero hardly slept because of his excitement. The sudden ringing on his cell phone upset him. Another notification from her. She appeared in front of him and once again she looked gorgeous. A few steps back was a young man who had stretched out his arm around her shoulders. He thought that it was probably her brother because he looked a few years older than her, around 23 and she was only 18. He was so happy to see her once again that he did not pay attention to the caption of the photo until later “Sometimes I see my boyfriend and I think how lucky he is to have me. ”

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