About Me

Nice to meet you,

My name is Marinela and I have settled in the UK for the moment. I enjoy books, movies, traveling the world, and writing stories. Oh, and a bit of overanalyses never harmed anyone. I’ve reached the age of twenty-seven without yet murdering the child inside me. After completing my studies in Philosophy in its birthplace (Greece for sure), I got more questions about the self and the world than I already had.

While chasing a career as a writer ( turn your passion into work, as the proverb says!), I created this blog to share my thoughts and stories with you. Expressing myself can be challenging and sometimes seems impossible, but that’s when I most need a notebook (or even a keyboard, although the feeling will never be the same). If this world doesn’t fit you, create your own, while books and stories become your manual.

Here you will find various short or flash fiction stories (short short stories or micro-stories), poetry and more, either in English or in Greek, that will hope to inspire you or sometimes even trouble you. Oh, don’t forget we all enjoy a well-said story, but does it genuinely affect us? A well-said narrative is entertaining and worth reading, but a well-said truth can change your life. I prefer the second ones.

Welcome my ethereal reader!